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About Bernard Buffet

When it comes to art, few nations can claim the proud and radical tradition of the French. Bernard Buffet is a prime example of French artistic culture. The Expressionist painter was a proud member of the anti-abstract art group 'L'homme Temoin,' and throughout his life produced an impressive amount of lithographs and paintings numbering well over 8,000 . His paintings include religious themes such as the Passion of the Christ, as well as other subjects ranging from major cities, historical events such as the French Revolution, and figurative portraits. His professional accomplishments are many, as his collections grace the walls of both collector's homes and museums. Today, you can find many of his works on eBay, where sellers have compiled an impressive list of works ranging from original paintings to prints. Bernard Buffet Lithographs, created by either the artist himself or one of his handpicked pupils, are seen as rare and valuable additions to a collection. Bernard Buffet's work lives on in the adoration of admirers and art-world critics and remains a valued piece of French culture accessible to all.