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About Berkley Gulp

Your failure to catch anything all week long ruined your last hometown visit. You blamed the river, broke the rod, snagged the line, cursed the live bait, and regretted not getting the Berkley Gulp bait that your brother recommended. Gulp baits are made to look, feel, and taste alive. They are coated in fish attractants that make them just as irresistible as the tastiest live baits. A Berkley Gulp shrimp is not just another plastic shrimp bait. This soft bait disperses scents farther than ordinary plastic baits and its biodegradable attractant can pull in more fish than some live baits. Do you fish with a jig? Get a Berkley Gulp grub. Gulp grubs are ideal for targeting big fish and their strong tail movements keep them swimming even in rapidly flowing rivers. You can find a large inventory of Berkley Gulp baits among the wide selection of soft baits and other fishing gear offered by reliable sellers on eBay. The river and its fish may have bested you once, but with baits like Gulp's, you are in for a haul.