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About Benrus Watches

Using your phone to check the time is one way to do it, but wearing a vintage wristwatch gets it done with a whole lot more style. A classic Benrus watch makes an elegant style statement, thanks to the strong lines and fine craftsmanship from the famed American watch company. Signature dial face designs, fine metal hardware, and detailed leather bands are just some of the stunning features to expect on popular options, including Benrus 14K gold watches. The Benrus name is also a part of history. You can find vintage Benrus watches produced during WWII for the U.S. Army to nab a piece of memorabilia. If you are a fan of classic comic books, then you can also look for a copy of the Benrus watch worn by Dick Tracy in the famous comic serial. A wide array of Benrus watch options are available via experienced sellers on eBay, so explore the listings, and find a classic example of American craftsmanship.