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About Benchwarmers

Ladies, if you are looking for a unique gift for your man, or if you need a great gag gift for a friend or relative, consider benchwarmer trading cards. For anyone who enjoys looking at the female form in sexy outfits and poses, a set of Benchwarmer cards is a great gift idea. These cards feature models in swimsuits carrying a variety of sports equipment, such as ball gloves or helmets. The Benchwarmer teacher series is a popular one. The models sign a select few of these cards; signed cards are usually more valuable. A typical set consists of 100 cards with 60 different models. The cards include biographical information on each model, as well. Swatch cards come with a swatch from the model's bikini. You can also find a Benchwarmer box that gives you a safe place to keep your cards. Reliable sellers on eBay offer many different trading cards, including specific model cards. These pre-loved cards are often in mint condition. Find your perfect set today.

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