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About Ben 10 Omnitrix

For a kid who dreams of saving the universe, there is no better tool than the "Ben 10" Omnitrix. Featured on the popular "Ben 10" cartoon series and its subsequent sequels, fans can now sport their very own Omnitrix. While it may look like a humble wristwatch, this device is one of the most powerful pieces of alien tech in the universe, allowing its wearer to turn into any of a number of super-powered alien creatures. It is the perfect toy for kids who want to pretend that they are just like their favorite cartoon hero, as well as for older children looking to collect pieces from their favorite show. Many different varieties of the "Ben 10" Omnitrix are available among a large inventory on eBay, including the "Ben 10" Alien Force Omnitrix and the "Ben 10" Deluxe Omnitrix. Different varieties offer features such as lights and sounds for extended play. Some varieties of the Omnitrix come complete with a projector, which allows wearers to summon up to eight alien creatures just like the device in the cartoon.

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