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About Beltronics

Just like Brian, you have those moments where you speed through the city trying to get to one destination because you are late or your meeting is about to start. A Beltronics radar detector can help you get there without a speeding ticket attached. Radar detectors have been used for many years and they provide coverage all around you to indicate when there is a radar or laser present. The Beltronics RX65 can be attached to your windshield and sit wherever you place it with its suction cups. You never have to worry about the volume being too loud or the voice becoming annoying as you can mute or turn down the volume whenever you need. The Beltronics STI is easy to use and comes with instructions to set it up and a power cord so that it is always ready to use. The buttons are easy to press and indicate what the action is. You never have to worry about whether or not the radar is on because the system tells you when it is. If you are looking for a Beltronics radar detector for your vehicle, consider browsing through the large inventory sold by the reliable sellers on eBay.