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About Belt Tensioners

Usually, tension is something no one wants in places like the boardroom, party, or at a wedding. However, when it comes to your car engine, tension is what keeps it running, which is why a belt tensioner is an important part. Belts wind their way around the various parts of the engine, like the water pump and air conditioner, to give them power. The belt tensioner, on the other hand, attaches to the belt to make sure the main driving pulley on the belt stays tight. It applies just the right amount of tension on the belt, as it transfers the power from the crank to the rest of the engine. Whether you are searching for a Dodge belt tensioner or a tension gauge, you can find these and other car engine accessories from many reliable sellers on eBay. Remember to keep your car on the go, tension is a good thing. But to break the tension at your cousin, Val's wedding reception, ask the band to start playing the chicken dance.