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About Belly Putters

If you really want to shave strokes off your golf game, concentrate more on your short game than your long one. For more control on the putting green, some golfers prefer a belly putter instead of a standard-size putter. Belly putters are gripped similarly to a standard putter but are anchored to the stomach to stabilize the wrists and swing. Belly putter grips have become more popular on the pro tour, but the USGA decided that anchoring will not be allowed as of January 2016. Even without anchoring, several pros still like this putting option. In fact, Angel Cabrera used a nonanchored belly putter in his 2009 Masters win. These are longer than your traditional putter but not as long as a long or fulcrum putter. You can find 38-inch to 45-inch belly putters available from reliable sellers on eBay. They have the selection you need and the knowledge to help you find the right size belly putter so that you can start cutting your putting game down to size.