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About Belly Dance Coins

Celebrating history can be as fun as dancing, especially if you are learning the ancient art of belly dancing. If you are just learning the customs, you may be curious as to why belly dance coins are an important part of the traditional attire. Belly dancing can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire and it is commonly known that gypsies practiced the dance. There is a lot of folklore regarding the belly dance coin belt and one theory is based on ancient Egyptian women. It is commonly believed that women would wear belts with coins to attract men using both the sight and sound created by the clanging coins. Today's practice utilizes belly dance costume coins to add a tantalizing element of sound to the dance. If you are just learning the dance, either to connect to a piece of history or just to learn something new, you can create a more authentic experience through the use of belly dance coins, which can be found from a large selection of sellers on eBay.