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About Belly

When Shakira does it, you know that her "hips don't lie," because the hypnotic, beautiful, and articulated shimmying that is belly dancing is not only fun to watch, but it can be great exercise, too. Whether you've signed up for a class, or whether you're trying this Middle Eastern style of dancing at home, you can't properly gyrate without the right attire. It goes without saying that your midriff has to show, so you'll need to find a belly dance costume that consists of a low-slung skirt that sits on your hips and a glittering camisole top. Part of what makes belly dancing so entertaining is the jingles and jangles that the dancers make when they move, and these come from a belly chain or a scarf around your midriff. These chains or scarves, which you can find in multiple colors and styles on eBay, typically have dangling charms that click together and make a pleasing, musical sound when dancers undulate their tummies. Additionally, you can draw more attention to your tummy by adding a belly-button ring that glitters while you move. Belly dancing has been around for decades, and it's still a fun way for women to lose weight, stay active, and more importantly, feel glamorous. While you may not be Shakira on your best day, your hips will say otherwise.

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