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About Belleek

Bring a bit of the Emerald Isle into your home with beautiful Belleek porcelain pieces. Much of the well known, creamy-colored Irish china incorporates a shamrock pattern to symbolize its Gaelic origins. The company is famous worldwide for its ethereal-looking Parian china, a type of porcelain so delicate that the light shines right through it. Teacups and saucers, mugs, vases, sugar bowls, and creamers all come in Belleek's basket-weave pattern with delicate shamrocks dispersed over the surface. The company has created many other designs as well over its more than 150 years in existence, but all have the basic ivory-colored Parian as the background. You can find lovely vases shaped to look like blooming flowers with pale pink accents and bowls made to look like woven baskets with tiny, colorful flower accents. There are practical teapots, pitchers, and tea and coffee mugs, including whimsical "His" and "Hers" sets, along with more decorative vases and plates you may want to keep for special occasions. Belleek ornamental pieces include shamrock-embellished harps, which are another symbol of Ireland, along with candlesticks, crosses, and trinket boxes. Put together a Belleek tea set or choose a range of pieces for display among the vast inventory available on eBay.

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