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About Beer Tap Handles

The kegerator of your dreams is finally up and running in the home bar that has taken you years to set up, and so it is finally time to have some fun with a rotating cast of eye-catching beer tap handles. These colorful conversation-starters are the crowning jewels of the basement lounge, and with the vast selection on eBay, you never have to pour your pals a cold one from the same handle twice. You should always have a go-to beer on tap that you like to serve on special occasions, or by default, a rare or vintage beer poured by a tap handle of that brand. A keg of Pabst in your buddy's backyard is transformed into a slightly classier affair by an attractive, classic PBR tap handle. Some tap handles are so striking and entertaining in their design that it is fun to have and use them even if you do not drink that particular beer. For example, a Negra Modelo Dia de los Muertos skull figural tap handle is a beautiful and unusual bit of flare whether you drink Negra Modelo or not. Beer tap handles are also valuable collectibles, with rare ones often fetching higher prices. They make great gifts for the beer-lover in your life, and are also a celebratory way of showing team and patriotic spirit.