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About Beer Mugs

The venerable beer mug has existed almost since the first batch of beer was brewed. Stone, pewter, glass, and many other materials have served as mug materials. An authentic German beer mug, often called a stein, is usually highly decorative and made from stoneware. Painted with glazes and then fired in a kiln, these types of mugs sometimes have pewter lids. Glass mugs store in the freezer, so when you serve beer, the liquid stays cold longer from the chill of the glass. If beer is not your thing, maybe you want to find a root beer mug or two to add to your collection. Branded mugs from root beer favorites such as A&W and others soda brands are available as brand new mugs and as vintage originals and replicas. As a special treat, you can serve root beer floats in the mugs as a sweet dessert beverage. A beer mug collection is useful as well as decorative, but some of your older mugs may need to stay on the shelf to preserve them for future collectors. The wide network of sellers on eBay gives you access to an impressive range of decorative and usable mugs.