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About Beauty Rings

You got the right tires, the right wheels, even the right center caps, but your 1955 Corvette wheels still look wrong. Therefore, you hit the books and low and behold, you did not get the beauty rings. Beauty rings are the decorative rims that cover the edge, where the wheel meets the tire. They are often made from chrome or stainless steel for a sharp look. After you are done kicking yourself for missing this small, yet vital, detail, you shop on eBay to find just the right ones. The reliable sellers on eBay have a plethora of 15-inch Chevy beauty rings to choose from, and since your Corvette originally came with that size wheel, you want to stay as close to spec as possible. You can even find the hard to come by Corvette beauty rings, which are extra deep at 3 inches. These are just what you need to finish off that restoration project and hit the road to show off your masterpiece.