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About BeautiControl

You sigh in exasperated disappointment as you squeeze the last few drops of your favorite BeautiControl brown sugar into your palm. You were all set for a home spa day, from top to toe. The kids are at grandma's, the spouse is on the golf course, and this was supposed to be your "me" time to pamper yourself. Now, you are out of your favorite body scrub and even low on facial cleanser, and you are just not in the mood to contact a company rep. You know what you need and just want to order without it turning into a social call or another "opportunity" presentation. Lucky for you, reliable sellers on eBay offer BeautiControl Spa and Skinlogics products in vast quantities. You absolutely love the effects that BeautiControl products have on your skin, so you log on and stock up. You pick up a BeautiControl lot of products, with all the great Regeneration products in one easy transaction. You may need to reschedule your home spa day, but with convenient shipping options, you know you will have everything you need.