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About Beats Cables

The Beats by Dre headphone series, built in collaboration with Monster, came from the hands of a man in Dr. Dre who has been a part of the music scene for much of his life, and the wealth of positive expert testimony on the Beats cable and ear-cup construction, sound quality, and accessibility has made these headsets a hot commodity amongst music connoisseurs. Like most high-quality headphones, Beats have a variety of replaceable components, making them more of an investment than an expense. For instance, a length of Beats Pro cable can be purchased as a backup to the stock cabling in case of damage or in the case that your audio needs demand greater distance from your hookup. Reliable sellers on eBay offer various lengths of Beats replacement cable, most of which is in new condition. The company’s partnership with Monster has ensured excellent construction quality, as pristine sound and clearly discernable notes fight against the artifacting that’s often associated with digital music. When you already have a pair of these excellent headphones, a new length of Beats cable serves as the perfect accoutrement to providing you with crystal-clear musical enjoyment.