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About Beats by Dre Detox

Those earbuds that make the insides of your ears ache, and they constantly pop out. You want functionality, durability, and curb appeal, which means you need Beats by Dre Detox headphones. This discontinued model is available among the vast inventory on eBay, letting you feel the beat in comfort and without the distraction of outside noise making it through the padded earpieces. Beats by Dre Detox headphones feature lightweight aluminum so they can last through normal use and the additional abuse of residing in your back seat, or stuffed in your gym bag. Beats by Dr. Dre Detox Limited Edition headphones put you in an elite crowd. The company manufactured only a limited number, making the headphones highly functional collector's items. Detox headphones feature long, durable cords, coiled to keep you from tangling as you move your body to the beats while enabling you to step away from the music player when necessary. The flip-up ear pieces let you interact with friends without, well, missing a beat by removing the headphones.