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About Beatles Sealed

That the Beatles are iconic in world music history is indisputable, making their entire recorded works a moveable landmark accessible by anyone, anywhere, at any time. For the collector in search of something exquisite, then, attention should be shifted to items as rare as Beatles sealed records and singles, artifacts as yet unspoiled by any human contact. The Beatles White Album sealed in its original protective wrapping is a sign of stalwart dedication on part of the collector. Records are meant to be opened, handled, and played, and for someone to refrain from doing so often results in a rare collector’s item. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed various Beatles sealed records for your perusal, most in new condition. Unlike items that have been opened, played, and used, a Beatles sealed LP should never depreciate based on its condition, so long as it is perpetually mint. This makes these records a potentially perfect centerpiece to the Beatles connoisseur’s collection.