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About Beatles 45

Perhaps it goes without saying that the British invasion, spawned by the Beatles, resulted not just in a torrent of fantastic music, but a revolution within the music industry. Coming into possession of one of many Beatles 45 records, then, is many collectors’ pleasant dream. Pioneered during the 1940s, the 45-rpm player and 45 records allotted for eight minutes of playing, making the record a perfect fit for just-released singles. Beatles 45 records were numerous during the height of the group’s popularity, and nearly every hit single has, somewhere, a version on 45. Thankfully, reliable sellers on eBay have listed multitudes of Beatles 45 rpm records, so that all of your favorite singles are available for your perusal. Hits such as "Eleanor Rigby," "Yellow Submarine," and "All You Need is Love" have always sounded better on vinyl, and their being on 45 makes for exceptional collector’s item. The stalwart shopper may even find an entire Beatles 45 lot, a veritable treasure trove of music history. CD and MP3 single releases have largely supplanted knowledge of the once-popular 45-rpm single, but a listen to any Beatles 45 may cue nostalgia you did not know you possessed.