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About Beast Wars

If you thought that cars turning into walking, talking robots was cool – then prepare to be awestruck by Transformers Beast Wars. Think of an animal – any animal that you think is remotely awesome, and then bend your mind around the concept that an animal can turn into a robot–sure, the animal is still mechanical, but still. Based on the premise that an alternative race of Transformers, a kind of offshoot, called the Maximals (good guys) and the Predacons (the bad guys) who find themselves on a strange planet and inevitably get drawn into a constant good versus bad battle–if your kids prefer more nature than machine, then Beast Wars fits the bill. Get the whole caboodle with a Beast Wars lot from reliable sellers on eBay and set your kids loose – or get prehistoric with a Beast Wars Dinobot. Get with the program and let the robo-wars begin!