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About Bearbrick 400

Whether you are a child or a collector, the world of Japanese toys is a magical one, with creative and surprising designs that somehow work at every level. The Bearbrick 400 is a terrific example of a Japanese toy line that is highly successful. The toy is a cartoonish bear made of plastic. The bears come in nine different parts, so the bear can swivel at the head, waist, arms, wrists, and legs. This surprising amount of flexibility gives the child or other user a large amount of control of the toy, with freedom to put it in all sorts of hilarious positions. There are now "Star Wars" Bearbrick 400s as well as a number of other well-loved characters. The Bearbrick 400 gets its numbers as a reference to 400 percent, because it is four times as big as the original Bearbrick dolls, which stand at only 7 cm. You can find Mickey Bearbrick 400s, as in Mickey Mouse, as well as loads of other themes, on sale as part of the large inventory on eBay. The Bearbrick 400 line continues to grow today.

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