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About Beanie Babies

In 1993, the Beanie Babies collection by H. Ty Warner was launched on the backs of nine little Beanie Babes. Today, they remain popular not only as toys but also as highly sought-after adult collectibles. Whether you want to start a collection or are already part of "Beanie mania" and want to expand your stash, you can find new and retired Beanie Babies thanks to the tremendous selection offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Track down rare Beanie Babies for your collection, such as "Eggs" the pink bear, "Patti" the purple platypus, or the elusive "Inky" the Octopus. You will also want to bring home a basketful of Beanie Boos, an offshoot line launched in 2009. Add new and rare Beanie Boos to your collection, like "T-Bone" the cobalt-blue canine, a lot of three Beanie Boo owls named "Pinky," "Swoops," and "Spells," or the rarely seen, retired hedgehog, "Spike." Start shopping now, the Beanies await your click.