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About Beaded Trims

Your daughter's Halloween costume this year is a cute flapper dress from the 1920s that you decorated beautifully with beaded trim you purchased on eBay. The beaded fringe trim makes the dress stand out, and it moves beautifully to create a unique, vintage look. For a special occasion, decorate a plain frock with gold beaded trim around the neckline instead of using jewelry to add flair. The many reliable sellers on the site offer a wide selection of beaded trim featuring rhinestones, pearls, glass beads, and more. Some trims have plastic beads that look like real gemstones but are more durable and less expensive. Trims come in a variety of widths and lengths, and some are delicate and require special care, such as hand washing, to ensure the delicate beads are not disturbed. Save yourself some of the hassle involved in shopping by purchasing beaded trim on the site and taking advantage of convenient shipping options.