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About Bead Breaker

Separating tires from wheel rims is hard work, but there is a way to remove your tires without removing your hair. A tire changing machine may be the ideal solution to changing a wheel in a professional garage, but a bead breaker is the perfect low-cost alternative. Ideal for use by off-road enthusiasts, the device works by breaking the inside and outside wheel beads while the tire is still mounted on the vehicle. Modern bead breakers are light and portable, yet still made with durable steel or polymer-based materials that make short work of tire beads with no fuss. All are capable of basic height adjustments too, so they are perfect for amateur mechanics and off-road enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. If you happen to be a motorcycle fanatic, you can also buy a completely portable motorcycle bead breaker consisting of a simple upper ring and breaking tool. They are slightly less effective than small vehicle-based options, but perfect for bikers who like to take to the trails. No matter for which type of bead breaker you are looking, you are sure to find a great selection of tools, parts, and spares for all of your needs on eBay.