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About Beach Hats

You have been longing all year to take a vacation, and when your husband handed you your old beach hat, you knew you were going somewhere exotic. However, he wouldn’t divulge any specifics, and he only told you to look on eBay for a couple of new beach hats right away. Full of anticipation, you wasted no time checking out the site. You were pleased when you found a brand-new black beach hat that featured a wide, large brim, and right away, you knew that the floppy-fold summer beach straw derby hat would work perfectly whether you were walking on the beach or were perhaps going on an excursion to an exotic restaurant. Next, you spotted a large assortment of women’s straw beach hats and decided to purchase a very versatile one. The best part is that even after your vacation, the handmade floppy hat with a stylish ribbon around its brim can work great for protecting you from UV rays. When both hats arrived quickly, you began to pester your husband relentlessly for more details until he finally told you that you’re leaving next week.