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About Beach Bedding

Instead of feeling refreshed after your weeklong beach vacation, you miss the sounds of the ocean and the warm sand between your toes. Yearning for reminders of the beach to get you through until your next vacation, you begin to browse through beach bedding options. A generous selection ensures patterns and styles for just about everyone, from simple yet elegant coastal seashell quilt sets to kid-friendly bedding with brightly colored palm trees. Other examples of what you might come across during your search include single or assorted shades, such as seafoam blues, taupe varieties, and green ocean. There are soft sheets with fine vermicelli stitching and off-white backgrounds spruced up with blue coral, shells, and tropical patterns. Some sheets come in a 100 percent cotton material, which is soft yet agreeable for year-round use. Although there are single sheets available, most come in sets including quilt covers and pillow covers. A search reveals full and twin sheets, thanks to a large inventory on eBay. The right beach bedding selection can have you envisioning the hot sand each night as you drift off to sleep.