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About BBS Caps

BBS, also known as BBS Automotive Technology AG, is a manufacturer of high- performance wheel parts for all types of vehicles. One of their most popular products, BBS caps, protects the wheel's components while adding a sleek styling component to cars, truck, and motocross bikes. The company builds the caps using special Air Inside Technology, which makes them ideal for lightweight applications. Some of the most common caps include VW BBS center caps and BMW BBS center caps, both of which sport the manufacturer's logo. You can also find the caps with BBS engraved or raised. They are available for many makes and models of cars and trucks, and they are made from various materials including chrome and aluminum. The variety of colors includes black, gold, and silver, enabling a match to most any car color scheme. You can also find BBS center cap stickers to add a simple touch. With such an impressive selection of BBS caps on eBay, you can quickly customize your ride. The manufacturer most commonly makes them available in sets of two and four.