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Baume & Mercier’s illustrious history dates all the way back to the 1830s, when Swiss brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume opened a watch shop, Frères Baume, in the village of Les Bois. By the end of the 19th century, the company had a global reach and numerous awards. In 1919, company director William Baume teamed up with Paul Mercier to form Baume & Mercier, Genève. The company has been known for creating timepieces of exceptional craftsmanship and quality ever since. Browse through the vast inventory of Baume & Mercier watches found on eBay to see why the company is still one of the world’s most respected watchmakers.

About Baume & Mercier

A glint of polished metal, a glimmer of diamond flash, and a beautifully stitched leather strap adorn your wrist when you wear a classic Baume & Mercier timepiece. Founded in Switzerland in 1830 as Baume Brothers, the company incorporated in 1918 and became Baume & Mercier, or Baume et Mercier in French. The firm's designers craft elegant timepieces that have a longstanding international reputation for premier quality and precision coupled with unusual artistic shapes and stylings. The perennially popular Capeland series perfectly represents precision men's watches at their finest, particularly the multi-function Chronograph model. The company's strong styling lineage is also evident in the line of ladies' watches, which started in the 1940s with the Marquise collection and continues with the modern Linea and numerous other styles. The men's and women's timepieces produced by the brand enjoy consistent popularity with collectors, horologists, and fashion conscious individuals who simply appreciate quality watches. The trustworthy vendors on eBay offer a number of new and used Baume & Mercier watches from a variety of impeccable past and present collections.