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About Bauer Bowls

The brightly-colored ring bowls interspersed with speckled bowls line the shelves in the kitchen, ready to use when making a cake or serving mashed potatoes. The classic Bauer bowls are well-known in western households. Although founded in Kentucky, J.A. Bauer Pottery moved to Los Angeles in 1909, when owner Andreas Bauer tired of the East Coast's cold winters. While originally working with red clay, making a variety of utilitarian pieces, in 1930 Bauer Pottery revolutionized the industry by producing the California Colored Pottery. The vibrant colors and ring pattern of Bauer bowls, introduced in 1933, were wildly popular in the west. If you are a collector of Bauer pottery, you can search the array of listings on eBay for the best of the vintage Bauer bowls. The sharp images and careful descriptions provided by reliable sellers, documenting every small flaw in glazing or tiny chip, ensure that the Bauer nesting bowls or other Bauer items are exactly what you expect when they arrive via one of the convenient shipping options.

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