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About Battletech

Bipedal mech warriors stride across a blasted landscape, guns blazing, as their opponents explode in flame. This is the exciting world of BattleTech. FASA Corporation launched the BattleTech miniatures board game in 1984, and since then, the game has expanded into a franchise comprising books, a collectible card game, and even a television series. For anyone looking to get into the miniatures game for the first time, a great place to start is the BattleTech box set. It came out in 2011 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original game, and it contains boards and dozens of miniatures to fight exciting battles. An updated version of the set came out in March 2014, containing slightly better quality components, although the game remains unchanged. For those people who are not interested in board games, the BattleTech CCG (collectible card game) might be a better option. Whatever BattleTech merchandise you are looking for, the reliable sellers on eBay can help. They have a massive inventory of games and books, and many sellers offer convenient shipping options.