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Whether you're attending a costume party or a comics convention, or playing dress up with your kids, a Batman suit is sure to impress. Fly solo or grab your other half to create a couples costume. Shop costumes, reenactment and theater for a huge variety of Batman suits on eBay.

About Batman Suits

The creak of rusty gate hinges at Arkham Asylum echoes through an empty courtyard, but the shadow flitting along the wall belies the illusion of a quiet evening. The Bat is on the prowl, and in a Batman suit you can slip into the ninja-like boots of the caped crusader and prowl the night, or the expo convention lanes, in search of crime. Or candy. For the best possible effect, show up at a party in formal wear and vanish halfway through the night only to return, facade of wealth and class thrown off, in a full-on Batman Begins suit. You can buy these costumes on eBay, along with more playful numbers like the LEGO Batman suit, where many reliable sellers boast access to huge warehouses of costume supplies. These sellers also offer reasonable shipping options on their merchandise. A Batman Suit, from the pointy-eared cowl to the instantly recognizable black cape, takes everything best about both comic books and Halloween and splices it all together into an iconic costume that conjures up different memories for everyone.