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About Batman Cowls

As Batman, the protector of Gotham City, it is paramount his secret identity hidden. Batman cowls can do just that while also striking fear into the hearts of villains and criminals all around Gotham City. You can look just as menacing with a realistic cowl perfect for Halloween night or a comic book convention. A "Batman Returns" cowl from the 1992 famous film allows you to look just like the caped crusader as portrayed by Michael Keaton. This rubber cowl includes the mask with a wide-open mouth hole, spacious eyeholes, pointed ears, and chest armor with the yellow Batman logo on it. If you plan on dressing on a more classic version of Batman, this cowl is a must. Fans of the later movies may prefer a "Batman Begins" cowl instead. This urethane rubber cowl features tinting for a more accurate shade of black. The ears are foam-filled so the cowl does not weigh too much, and it has chest armor with the updated black Batman logo. No matter which Batman chest cowls you want, you can find these and other costume accessories among the vast inventory on eBay. You can be the protector that costume party or convention needs with these cowls.