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About Batman Cards

While better known items such as comic books and action figure might seem to dominate the focus of Batman memorabilia, Batman cards date back almost to the beginning of the series itself. Batman movie cards have proven quite popular with collectors, as a separate set has accompanied almost every single major theatrical release of a Batman film. To those of whom who the phrase "Bam! Sock! Ka-POW!" means nothing, a set 1966 Batman cards would provide an excellent introduction to the wacky Adam West era of Bat-antics. Aficionados of Tim Burton's version of the Dark Knight will be pleased to know that both his 1989 "Batman" and its 1992 sequel, "Batman Returns," received the trading card treatment as well. Even Christopher Nolan's grittier take on the Caped Crusader found its way into cellophane wrappers worldwide, as cards featuring characters and scenes from "Batman Begins," the first installment in his trilogy, hit shelves in 2005. Before the next reboot of this seminal American hero puts you another movie behind, take advantage of convenient shipping options found on eBay and start your collection of Batman cards today.

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