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About Batman Begins

Sin bin Gotham City was riddled with crime long before the Batman was fighting for justice. Learn about the origins of Bruce Wayne, and his journey taking him from orphan to super heroism with the 2005 summer blockbuster Batman Begins. In pursuit of criminal behavior, he finds himself in a Bhutanese prison, and Henri Ducard mentors the conflicted Bruce. After extensive training, he returns home. Playboy by day and crime fighter by night, Batman has been a DC Comics favorite, perhaps because he’s unlike other super heroes. With no super powers, Batman is just a man that happens to have super cool toys. From the iconic Batmobile to high tech specialized weapons, at the end of the day, he’s just Bruce Wayne, figurehead of Wayne Enterprises. On your next virtual excursion, pop over to eBay and pick up your own Batman Begins DVD. Serious film fanatics can add a Batman Begins poster to their already impressive collection of movie memorabilia. Gotham City no longer belongs to the corrupt thanks to this caped crusader.

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