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About Batgirl

As a peer to Batman, fighting crime right alongside him, Batgirl is not only an amazing superhero, using her martial arts and wits to defeat bad guys, but also serves as an excellent role model for young girls. Her most popular incarnation is with Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara Gordon, under the mask. Holding a doctorate in library science, serving as the head of Gotham City Public Library, and eventually winning a seat in the US Congress, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl reflected the women's liberation movement, as she is career-oriented, independent, and educated. Never Batman's handmaiden or girlfriend, she fights crime because of personal motivations, showing that she is a well-crafted character and apt role model. The shopper can enjoy Batgirl not just in the comic books in which she appeared and issues that she spearheaded, but also in the many Batgirl collectible toys and merchandise available on eBay, such as a Batgirl costume or a Batgirl Barbie doll.