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About Bass Pickup

Your J bass and your P bass have started to sound like low-end mud. You can pick your tone up from the bog with a new bass pickup. You want the smoothness of classic jazz bass pickups, but you do not want to fight 60-cycle hum. Fender Jazz Bass Vintage Noiseless pickups may be your answer. With reliable sellers on eBay, you can find these J bass pickups waiting for you. Clear and defined sounds roll through the hand-beveled pole pieces and Alnico 2 magnets for warm attack and clean midrange. Polysol-coated magnet wire and vinyl-coated output wire keep them noise-free. You cannot let your J bass have all the fun. A new P bass pickup can be in the works, too, with a set of Fender Original Precision Bass pickups. Modeled after the 1962 Precision Bass pickup, this monster is a split-coil humbucker that delivers powerful bass tones. Flush-mount pole pieces and Alnico 5 magnets give you even string response and enhanced dynamics for your fleet-fingered flurries. With an output rating of 5/5/4, your P bass will definitely beat your old, muddy tone. Find a new bass pickup from the wide variety available on eBay, and free your bass from the bog.