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About Bass Necks

Most guitar players know how important the bass neck of the guitar is. If there is something wrong with your bass neck, the sound will not come out right when you play. The strings of the guitar may not be tight to the neck, preventing you from playing the correct note. Maybe the knobs are broke and you cannot attach the appropriate number of strings to the neck. You do not want to buy a completely new bass guitar just because something is wrong with the neck. Instead, you can buy a bass neck separately, and replace the one on your current guitar. Fender is a popular bass guitar brand that manufactures replacement bass necks. You can find necks for a bass guitar by this brand, and many others, on eBay. Both new and pre-owned necks are available through eBay’s reliable sellers. Be sure to install the neck properly, to ensure that your guitar plays and sounds the way it should. Buy a new bass neck and begin playing like a rock star again.