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About Basketball Packs

Well, your friends already know you're a sports card-collecting geek, so why not go all the way? Basketball packs may be a bit of a risk, but think of the potential reward. Those unopened packs, called basketball wax packs, are unsearched, and unviolated—virgin sports card territory. Although the days of cardboard and bubblegum are gone, those unopened basketball packs still pop up today, whether lovingly preserved in a collector's box, or hidden in a childhood bin in somebody's closet. For you this basketball hot pack represents possibilities, mystery, and a whole lot of self-control. Do you open it or save it for a future generation to discover what treasures lie inside? Check out the selection of basketball packs eBay has to offer—Fleer, Topps, and Upper Deck—in wax packs, hot packs, and hobby boxes. While these nostalgic sealed packs are certainly pre-owned, the protected new cards inside constitute your next great investment. In fact, now that you're thinking about all those great sports cards you collected as a child, isn't it about time to get your own kids involved in the fun? Buy their very first pack today.

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