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About Baseball Tees

Baseball tees are a great way to incorporate some color blocking into a sporty, casual look. In fashion terms, this shirt style is typically a 3/4 sleeve shirt that features sleeves and a collar ring that are a different color than the shirt's body. In some cases, the term "baseball tee" applies to a standard T-shirt that sports a baseball team's logo, but most of the time, it is a specific style of shirt that may or may not have anything printed on it. These shirts come in both men's and women's sizes and cuts. Some feature a white body with bright primary color sleeves, while others come in more innovative styles such as a black body with printed sleeves that feature a camouflage pattern. Sellers on eBay offer a wide variety of baseball tees to choose from, including some listings with multiple color options such as two different colored sleeves for an even more unique look. This classic T-shirt style offers a bit of retro flair, and you can wear it for athletic purposes or as part of a casual streetwear look.