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About Baseball Stickers

While you typically hear of people collecting baseball cards, baseball stickers are just as collectible and a whole lot less expensive than cards. Thus, baseball stickers are a great way to show your little baseball fan the joys and fun of collecting. Both vintage and new sets are available on eBay from reliable sellers. You can find either boxes or single packs of your favorite sets like the 1987 Fleer Award Winner’s set, which is a great way to start a collection with 44 players and six logo stickers. Your little collector might be so pleased with the stickers that they may want a baseball scrapbook or empty sticker book to stick them in. However, if you’re encouraging them to collect in the right way, it’s best to discourage this as mint condition stickers and cards sell for a lot more money. Still, allowing your child to stick them in a book is better than them ending up all over your furniture or the dog. You can show them why America’s love of baseball has stuck over the years.

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