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About Baseball Gloves

Nearly everyone has heard stories from their parents or grandparents about walking to school in the snow, uphill both ways. That was nothing compared with the early ballplayers of the 1860s, who played without baseball gloves. In 1870, the first glove consisted of a pair of simple leather gloves that protected the catcher Doug Allison after a hand injury. Over the years, baseball gloves gradually included webbed fingers, padding, and a pocket to ease catching. Larger gloves became popular in the 1960s and gave fielders an edge with extra length. Collectors can find vintage baseball gloves from many eras on eBay in various conditions. Many Major League players have endorsed their own signature models. For example, a Catfish Hunter glove is a great gift for fans of the Hall of Fame pitcher. Look to the site's sellers to find new or used adult or youth baseball gloves. Many youth gloves, including the Nike Diamond-Ready glove, come broken in and ready for use. These soft-tumbled gloves are a great option for young players who want to play without waiting for the time-honored practice of breaking in a glove.