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About Barrel Chairs

In 1937, architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright drew attention to the barrel chair, showcasing this unique design. Wright, drawing inspiration from natural shapes and objects, set out to create a comfortable chair that emulated the natural world. He took the classic square back and seat shapes from conventional chairs, but traded stiff, straight backs and sharp angles for natural curves and gentle lines. These chairs saw success in the United States shortly after making a first appearance in the home of Herbert Johnson. People then, and now, enjoy the unique semi-circle shape of these seats, which traditionally come in heavy, solid woods like cherry and oak. You can find some chairs, especially antique chairs, with a smooth polish. These handmade chairs feature minimal decorations, displaying instead the quality of artisanship and attention to details. As with other chairs, barrel chairs come in several varieties, including stationary, swivel, and even upholstered in a variety of colors. You can find these classic chairs on eBay within the large collection of comfortable barrel chairs to accentuate your home.

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