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About Barebones

After spending multiple hours browsing through various computer models, you see how difficult it is to find exactly what you want all bundled into one machine. If this describes your situation, consider buying a barebones computer. This type of computer is the perfect purchasing choice for those who want to fully customize their system. Essentially, a barebones laptop or desktop computer comes completely empty, save for the motherboard. It is up to you to fill it with the components you want, including RAM, video cards, heat sinks, and all the other parts that go into a computer. You can find a barebones computer from a brand you trust, like a barebones Dell computer, on eBay available from various sellers, many of whom offer convenient shipping options. If you have big dreams for your next computer, go the customized route and buy a barebones computer, building it from the ground up into the machine you have always wanted.