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About Barbie Wigs

Barbie doll mania, fueled by beehive, bob, and bouffant haircuts worn by 1960s jetsetters, ushered in a new era of fashion not surprising Barbie Millicent Roberts one iota. Mattel, Inc., stayed on par with fashion changes and women's ever-evolving likes and dislikes by introducing a Barbie wig to the growing selection of items for purchase. These days, collectors don't mind snapping up these doll wigs authenticating the mid-60s rave for changing a hairstyle overnight. Purchase the doll, three wigs (red head, blonde, and brunette) and a stand inclusive of a single listing available from eBay's reliable sellers. If you don't need the doll and stand, purchase multiple wigs in various blonde shades and a red one more popularly known as "Titan." A pageboy styled wig makes Barbie appear younger as she gives others one of her sideways looks. When buying these vintage pieces, you can routinely change out one Barbie wig for another to give your collection a daily facelift.