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About Reproduction Barbies

You loved your Barbie dolls when you were a little girl, but you probably did not treat them very well; you subjected them to haircuts, long vacations in the bottom of your beach bag, and experiments in regretful makeup concepts. As an adult collector, you can recapture the magic of your favorite Barbie when she was still pristine with a Barbie reproduction. Pick out reproduction Barbie dolls such as "Malibu Barbie," in her powder-blue swimsuit and groovy pink sunglasses; "Francie," billed as Barbie's "Modern Cousin"; or "Midge," Barbie's best friend. And be sure to pick up some Barbie reproduction clothes for the girls. How about a gorgeous avocado-green "Poodle Parade" sheath dress; a reproduction of the 1961 "Barbie Wedding Day" dress, veil, and gloves; or a reproduction of the 1970s "mod Lemon Kick" ensemble including a bright yellow chiffon blouse, pants, and shoes. Peruse the large selection of Barbie reproduction items offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Your past is right at your fingertips; it is time to bring it home.