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About Barbie Princess

For girls who love Barbies and princesses, a Barbie princess doll is the ultimate plaything. The Barbie line has a few of its own princesses, such as the Barbie Princess of the World series. These unique dolls feature regal looks from different countries and ethnicities, including a Korean Barbie princess, a Navajo princess, an Irish princess, and others. An entire line of Disney princess Barbie dolls also exists, featuring popular characters such as Jasmine, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and others. The movie Barbie: The Princess and the Pop Star spawned its own glamorous Barbie princess figure, complete with a sparkling gown, a glittering pink tiara, and a silver microphone. To truly wow a Barbie fan, buy a Barbie princess lot with a variety of different dolls in it. You can find brand-new or lightly used individual Barbie princess dolls or entire lots on eBay from trusted sellers. With one or more Barbie princess dolls, your little girl can act out a whole new set of fantasy adventures.