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About Barbie Midges

No modern-day doll collection is complete without at least one Barbie doll. And for many collectors, a collection is not complete without the inclusion of the somewhat controversial and highly collectible Barbie "Midge" doll. Midge was rolled out in 1963 as Barbie's redheaded, freckle-faced friend, but gained notoriety among collectors in 2003, when she was marketed as a pregnant mother with a newborn in her magnetic, detachable womb. This new Midge was a far cry from the vintage Barbie Midge collectors knew and loved, and the uproar was nearly instantaneous. The Barbie Happy Family Midge was pulled from retail shelves across the country, only to be re-marketed a few months later with updated packaging and descriptions that emphasized her caring for, rather than giving birth to, her new baby. The reputable sellers on eBay have a variety of Barbie Midge dolls to choose from, in a wide range of conditions.