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About Barbie Mermaids

The mythology surrounding mermaids is paradoxical; from viewing them as benevolent creatures and symbols of good fortune to evil temptresses who wreak havoc on mankind, mermaids have always captured the imagination of humans. If your imagination is so captured, then feed your fascination with a Barbie Mermaid. Whether you are a Barbie fan or collector of all things mermaid, Mattel's Barbie Mermaid line is a unique addition for any collection. Dressed to the aquatic nines in high-fashion style, each Barbie Mermaid is a beautifully designed, limited-edition collectible. Choose among such lovelies as "Enchanted Mermaid Barbie" in dazzling silver and white, her dress and crown embellished by sequins, faux pearls, and starfish accents; "Mermaid Fantasy Barbie," with long pink hair and a stunning turquoise and pink costume; or a vintage 1991 Mermaid Barbie, whose hair magically changes colors when combed with cold water. Explore the huge selection of Mermaid Barbie dolls, accessories, and DVDs offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Bring them home, and perhaps they will bring you a little good luck.