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About Barbie Ken

A girl as beautiful and talented as Barbie can only stay single for so long. In 1961, Barbie met handsome bachelor Ken Carson; the two began keeping steady company, and he has been Barbie's Ken ever since. According to Mattel's Barbie website, some people consider Barbie's Ken nothing more than "arm candy" for the lovely fashionista, but Barbie connoisseurs know better. Ken has followed his own passions in life, from businessman to pilot to Olympic athlete. Peruse the selection of new and vintage versions of the Barbie Ken doll available from reliable sellers on eBay. Barbie will swoon when you bring home a Ken "Fashionista" doll dressed in trendy jeans and a graphic tee, "Costume Ball" Ken in his dapper tuxedo, or a groovy "Walk Lively" Ken, circa 1972. No savvy dude is complete without a trendy wardrobe, so be sure to fill Ken's closet with Barbie Ken clothes. Provide him with new clothes tailored for "Fashionista" dolls, or fun vintage designs from the "Fashion Fever" or "Guy Time" collections. Just make sure he looks good. After all, he is Barbie's arm candy.