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About Barbie Houses

From a two-story home with views of the ocean to a three-story country abode, Barbie certainly knows how to live in style. A Barbie house offers hours of playtime for a young girl and her friends. The vintage Barbie dream house features multiple rooms in an A-frame style that boasts an upstairs loft and a patio. Modern dream house models include a three-story townhouse, complete with an elevator for city-style living. With a bedroom, living room, large bathroom, full kitchen, and rooftop hot tub, Barbie has everything she needs to relax and have a good time with friends. After a busy week of work, the fashionista and her friends jet off to the seaside for some fun at the Barbie beach house. The kitchenette, bedroom, and living room offer less space than her dream house, but accessories like a pool with a slide, an outdoor entertainment area, and a pink jeep made for cruising on the sand more than make up for the lack of space. Purchase a Barbie house for your child from one of the many reliable sellers on eBay. The convenient worldwide shipping options make shopping simple.